Friday, August 31, 2012


The sun is shining, the little fluffy bunny rabbits are flying through the sky, the birds are digging through the rubbish, so what better day to do a picture just for the sheer darn joy of it. 

Friday, August 24, 2012


Financial Agreements were introduced in December 2000, essentially to reduce legal costs and court proceedings in instances of marriage breakdown and subsequent asset allocation. The original legislation was open to some interpretation and over the years a number of 'clarifications' have been enacted in order to make it more difficult for financial agreements to be found not binding. 

Surprisingly, the addition of several thousand words of amendment has succeeded in only adding more ambiguity. An enormous shock to all involved...

Another illustration for the Law Society Journal and Art Director Larraine Hall. I'm enjoying these enormously!

Spotlight 2!

Illustrators Australia continues it's 'Spotlight on Specialists' seminar series on Saturday September 8th.

This one features three of my favourite illustrators, Stuart McLachlan and his inspiring paper styling; Sonia Kretschmar, illustrator, painter and Archibald Finalist; and Christopher   Nielsen, whose work always makes me feel like i've discovered an alternate 1950's universe of buried treasure.

But as a bonus, there's also much published children's book illustrator and Disney Animation artist Serena Geddes and comic artist/cartoonist Doug Holgate. 

An exciting line-up that I'm really looking forward to!

Hit the link above or go to Illustrators Australia.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baby Boot Camp

June's Child Magazine features an article on the first six weeks of harsh training, old habits broken, new ones forged, limits tested, that is a new baby. And mostly it's Mum in the trenches, enduring not only this new form of existence and sleep deprivation, while still recovering from an often painful experience with wounds to prove it.

And trooper though she is, it's a shared responsibility, so get down on the floor, Dad, and give me twenty, it's not your perineum got stitches in it. That is all.

Skin Cancers

July's AFP magazine focus is on 'Skin Cancers'. There are a variety of cancers the affect the skin, from the reasonably benign, to the powerfully agressive. And one of the main zones is around the face, due to it's almost constant exposure to the sun. 

Solicitors from Hell!

Social networking and online review sites have targeted many business reputations. Of course, sometimes its entirely warranted! But, you know, its the internet and everyone gets a voice. 

So if there's someone who just wants to raise hell, they can do that too, on an international basis, destroying the reputation of individuals and businesses alike. And national limitations in defamation law are having enormous trouble keeping up. 

This illustration, for Art Director Larraine Hall at the Law Society Journal (NSW) highlights the Solicitors from Hell case in the UK.

Book Pile

Yes, disappeared for awhile and can't believe it's been a couple of months! 'They' told me to post regular but clearly I forgot to put that on the Work In Progress sheet. Anyway, lots of work, work work, which is great, some of it pretty nice, too. 

But there's also been a bit of read, read, read from the birthday book pile that complements perfectly the bottles of single malt scotch. 

'The Simpsons. An uncensored, unauthorized history' by John Ortved. It's inspiring in many ways, charting the birth of a cultural icon as the child of many parents, not simply Matt Groenig. But the parents clearly fought a fair bit. Over money and status and influence and credit and respect and the brown couch, the usual 'family' stuff, often bitterly and sometimes ruthlessly. All the while still creating some of the best TV you are ever likely to see, animated or not.

It's Ortved's writing that links the book together, but it's told mainly in the words of those involved in the show themselves, writers, producers, animators, rupert murdochs, guest stars and critics. For a 'history' it's an immersive experience, revealing and often hugely entertaining.

I'd have no idea about all the truth of the matter, maybe there's more to tell, maybe some told more than there was. No doubt you could level the 'out of context' criticism at it, but aren't all quotes by definition out of context?

What I am sure of is that if a TV executive ever asks you to sign away something as 'a sign of good faith' its a reasonably good sign that you better get a lawyer, son. You better get a real good one.

Faber and Faber, 2009. 
(and thanks Caitlin Crowley for a perfect prezzie!)