Tuesday, May 22, 2012

State Trustees

This latest project for State Trustees was commissioned by Carolyn Simm of Simm Design in Melbourne. The task was to illustrate the many and varied services the State Trustees Office provides, from Wills and Executor services, Deceased Estates, Enduring Powers of Attorney as well as a conceptual overview of the function of the office. 
Carolyn and the client wanted a visual solution well beyond generic handshakes and photo stock libraries and were hugely encouraging and supportive, making for an extremely enjoyable experience. 


Overview detail

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Wills & Executor Services


  1. Geez those are fantastic. Where are they being used? I can see them like murals hung in the offices.

  2. Hi Sebastian, Thanks! Always appreciate your kind words! brochures and (I think) posters at the moment, but it'd be nice to see them up large.


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