Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Business of Storytelling

We're all telling a story of some kind. The way we dress and behave, the words we speak and the way we say them, the way we wear a hat and sip our tea. We're surrounded by storytelling for entertainment, education, enlightenment and commerce. 
I recently completed a cover and interior commission from Riordon Design in Canada for their promotional publication Culture Cue. The article, by principal Ric Riordon concerned the use of imagery and words to enhance story telling for clients across a range of disciplines and utilising a variety of media. 
From initial brief I did 3 concept sketches for the cover: one focussing on different communication media in our everyday environment; another on different personal stories, every building being a book with a variety of chapters within. 
Think my favourite little bit was adding a TV thrown out of a window! Pretty sure the band had an added expense on the credit card after that one. (The third concept seemed like a good idea at the time, but seems to fall apart in trying to write it, so let's edit that paragraph!)
A great brief and Ric was a pleasure to work with! 




  1. Hey Dean, just admiring your illustrations. Beautiful colours in this piece, nice concept too. And that little tv out the window is gold.

  2. Thanks Mike, much appreciated! BTW, popped over to TEAKO, lovely work, stripped back and evocative, cheers


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