Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Little Deities

Sixty Artists! Sixty Gods! Artists including Sonia Kretschmar, Amelia Kelso, Andrea Innocent, Ben Johnson and precisely 56 others have each hand painted, sewn or sculpted 60 identical dolls, painstakingly sourced by curator Daniel Atkinson (well, ok, found grouped together on the reject table of a $2 shop) The above is my contribution, Caffeine Powered Luchador 'El Capitán Café'
Opening Night: Thursday March 8, runs 'til Sunday 18th March, details above.

photo: Lisa Minichiello


The March focus for AFP magazine is on Bones, essentially osteoporosis, fractures, brittle bones. The demographic usually affected by the condition is generally 60+ and I wanted to represent that as well as the sense of vulnerability that comes with the condition.

Play By Design

The March Issue of Child Magazine features a story about the rise and rise of the designer playground. No more burning hands on the monkey bars, the new playground is international, interesting, interactive and for sure intersomethingorotherelse.