Thursday, February 9, 2012

Down the Mines

Have dug up some precious metal the last couple of days, a very nice way to start the year! Got the latest 3x3 Illustration Annual from New York, and though I knew I made the cut, didn't know that the Long Story Shorts Series received a Bronze.

Closer to home, the last 3 books in the series received a GOLD, Gold Gold, in the Illustrators Australia Awards Yayyy I'm rich rich rich, seriously the awards don't really matter, hooo-hah i'm comfortably well-off, it's all about the work... But really, the recognition is very gratifying and none of it happens unless the client says 'yes'. Thanks Affirm!

Oh, plus got a highly commended for my book, The Search for Bigfoot Bradley!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Three Wheel Drive

Just did a fun illo for Oliver Towning at Boss Magazine for the article 3 Wheel Drive.

The thrust of the article concerns the requirement in the collaborative workplace to take a triple pronged approach to work. Which will help to accelerate through the ever changing terrain, navigate tight corners, turn quickly to avoid obstacles on the road ahead, ok, ok stopping now...

Keep Practicing

January's AFP magazine Feature is on Teaching in General Practice, and after a heavy few months of covers, it was definitely time to lighten up .

Soccer & Sweet Success

January's Child Magazine featured an article on the trials, tribulations and ultimate benefits a bit of sport in childhood can bestow. (I'm not speaking from experience here, I hasten to add!)

Yes, it seems all those cold, miserable, early morning starts, all the violence, the exclusion, the thrill of victory, the smell of the post sport socks, can all pay off in the end, with a beautiful deco styled desk and your very own skyline.