Thursday, October 27, 2011

Four colour fun

Finally got around to picking up Mike Mignola's and Duncan Fegredo's Hellboy The Fury #3. Achingly beautiful, story and art and dammit it's Fegredo's final regular issue! And if that wasn't enough, the sublime Guy Davis has decided to move on from sister book 'BPRD'. These two books, along with some Matt Fraction stuff for Marvel were about the only things sustaining a simmering interest. Ggggaaarrr.

BUT, just when the shoulders shrug: stumbled on Fraction and Gabriel Ba's CASANOVA. I'm probably the last person to know about it, but talk about renewing your faith. Chock full of mind expanding stuff, it's exactly like what it is. Lines like 'you're the linchpin of a cross-spatiotemporal assassination conspiracy no batch of N.E.T.W.O.R.K goons is going to stop' and beautifully imagined multiverse. Check out the newsarama interview.

Plus there's a letters section! CASANOVA Avaritia (the current storyline) Issue 2 has a take on digital piracy, pro's, cons thats worth the read in itself.

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