Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Westgarth Primary School Book Week

On Monday I was at Westgarth Primary School as part of their Book Week and talked to years 3 to 6 on the process of creating a picture book from start to finish. I spoke about the differences between working with a writer, Matt Zurbo on 'My Dad's a Wrestler!' and writing my own 'the Search for Bigfoot Bradley', showing initial scripts, drafts and first sketches, working with editors and publishers and the whole shebang, (at least the bits of it I know about)

The students were great, very enthusiastic, asking lots of questions about publishers, writing for an age group, turning an idea into a story, pictures for the story and the whole thing into a book. We did 4 groups in two hours, which was fairly intense but is great for focussing. Will make sure I take a glass of water with me next time.

Many thanks to Principal Grace Conway, teacher Glenn Richards as well as the other teachers I met and the students themselves, particularly those who gave technical assistance when I got stuck swapping powerpoint presentations!

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