Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two Steps Forward

The final book in the first Affirm Press Long Story Shorts series is complete. Irma Gold's beautiful collection of stories, Two Steps Forward, set firmly in an Australia not in the tourist brochures, finds battlers and underdogs striving to overcome challenges and changing our notions of what it takes to be happy and finding light amongst the shadows.

As an added bonus, the letter 's' on the spine completes the word 'shorts'. Be the first in your street to collect the whole set!

And many, many thanks to Martin, Bec and Belle at Affirm press for all the feedback, support and encouragement during the series.


  1. Great cover!! ANd I know Irma well. Have known her family for years. I cant wait to get my hands on this collection.

    Fantastic blog too! I see you are a Mignola and Fegredo fan and comics geek. Me too! Both those guys are fantastic. I will be following your blog. Cheers,

  2. Hi Craig, thanks for the kind words. Love your stuff, really inspiring! Figure you've already seen 'the Fury' #3, Fegredos final regular issue, achingly beautiful!


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