Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Heart Failure

The November issue of Australian Family Physician focusses on Chronic Heart Failure. Dean dealt with the concept deftly and came up with an ace solution.


Traps for the Unwary

The November issue of Australian Family Physician cover feature is 'Traps for the Unwary', which focusses on the dangers of misdiagnosis. Dean opted for a solution with bite.

Long Story Shorts

The latest collection in the Affirm Press series is Gretchen Shirm's Having Cried Wolf. The stories revolve around childhood friends from the fictional coastal town of Kinsale, who have grown into women with vastly divergent lives, and their partners, families and friends. The stories create a rich tapestry of interconnected lives and shared experience.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Joint Pain

This months Australian Family Physician cover story is Joint Pain. Dean used old rusty farm tractors and implements as inspiration.

American Lawyer

Dean recently completed this assignment for American Lawyer. The article, 'Open For Business', focussed on the rise of IP Boutique law firms and several case studies, including the ones shown here, one involving Johnny Carson and his estate preventing a portable toilet company being named "Here's Johnny!", a term indelibly associated with the famed tonight show host.

Another case study concerned US Gypsum defending it's wallboard manufacturing formula. In both these and other cases, small IP Law firms successfully prosecuted their clients cases against much larger and better resourced firms.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Long Story Shorts

The 3rd collection in the Affirm Press series designed and illustrated by Dean has been released. Emmett Stinson's Known Unknowns is a chronicle of post September 11 Washington DC and the disconnected souls within.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Street Drugs

Dean illustrated the street drugs feature theme for this months Australian Family Physician. (And welcomed the opportunity to do something with a bit of grit)

The Kinglake Cookbook is a collection of meals for everyday family eating by Chris Owen, chef and owner of some of Melbourne's most popular restaurants, who found himself running the kitchen at the Kinglake relief centre after the devastation of the Black Saturday bushfires. It's also the story of how the simple act of preparing and sharing a meal can help stitch a community back together again.

Deans work throughout the book illustrates the advice, spirit and humour that helped both the people affected by the fires, as well as those pitching in during the months following Black Saturday

The Kinglake Cookbook was released on the 7th of February to coincide with the first anniversary of the fires. All profits from the sale go to The Kinglake CFA

My Dad Wrestles in Communication Arts Bout!

Striking a blow for out-of-shape, unshaven, middle-aged men with an impossible dream and a needle and thread everywhere, Dean's picture book (written by the super talented Matt Zurbo) 'My Dad's a Wrestler!' has been selected for this years Communication Arts Illustration Annual.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Long Story Shorts

Dean Gorissen is designing and illustrating a series of six short story collections for Affirm Press. The first two of the series, the extremely unsettling darkness of 'Under Stones' by Bob Franklin (of ABC's 'The Librarians') and 'Nineteen Seventysomething' a hearfelt requiem for bygone days by Barry Divola (Rolling Stone, Who, SMH...) were launched this month.